Kill provides clients with top selections of International talents from all over the world has unique looks. The management will bring their experience and skills in fashion and entertainment industry to accommodate client’s needs of having varieties of international looks for their products and services. As videos became one of the most important parts in fashion, the company will offer video and photo production services as part of our commitment to develop Indonesian fashion industry.


Offering model management services, fashion shows coordinators, model coordination, and models for ad campaigns, model portfolio management, ad-shoot campaigns, ad shoot coordinator and fashion events planning and management.


To be the fore-front on providing international models and talents in Indonesia, with client’s satisfaction as the main purpose.


Via Entertainment’s mission is two-fold. First, we are dedicated to providing employment opportunities in the International modeling, film, and entertainment industries for both aspiring new talent and seasoned talent. Second, we are dedicated to providing our clients in these industries with the best talent available that meets the unique requirements for each job.


Aria Wijaksana@aria_k

As a conceptor, commercial director, and fashion videographer, he is very well known as the “man behind the scene” meaning that after doing so many successful projects, what he does is not for fame and fortune, but simply for the love of it.

Living in  a sub-culture environment and awarded as one of the influential fashionista back then, tends to give the impression that Aria is a unique individual, it is rather difficult to read what’s in his mind, but this uniqueness is what makes him create many out of the box concepts that has been proved in his works including this KILL Management.

Riri Mestica@ririmestica

Riri is one of the A list in Indonesian music empire. He produced a tons of good songs and a lot of Indonesian influential people in the music industries.

His passion for music and fashion leads him to start his own  record label named Spinach Records in 2003 and streetwear boutique named Laidback Club. Besides that, he launched his new project called "Backroom DJ" and also our beloved KILL Management.

Ahmad Zaki@zakimika

One of influential people in Indonesian advertising and marketing industries.

Have working experience in one of respectful advertising agency in Indonesia leads him to be experts in his field. Curiousity about life in all of its aspect is his secret to be creative.


Tatyana Timirova@tatimirova

As a full time model, I have been around in the modeling scene. With a lot of connection and experience around Asia and Europe, I can determine the right faces for Indonesian market. I am your CONSIGLIER….. Join the squad and be a KILL-ER...but don't bleed